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Elsing Parish Council

Your elected Councillors are:
Alan Warman 
Terry Skipper
Oliver Laws
Teresa Andrews
Bill Horncastle
Stuart Chaplin (chairman)
Michael Jones
Parish Clerk:
Mrs P Jarrett
1, Heidi Close
NR19 1NS
Tel/Fax: 01362 696153
email: elsingsparishclerk@gmail.com

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Draft minutes of a Parish Council Meeting held at the Village Hall on Monday 21st November at 7.40pm

Present: Mr C. Horncastle, Mr A. Warman, Mr O. Laws, Mr M Jones, Mrs T Andrews, Mr T Skipper and in the Chair, Mr S. Chaplin, Mrs P Jarrett (Clerk) PCSO Greenhill and 5 members of the public.

(1113) Apologies. There were no apologies for absence

(1114) Appointment of Parish Clerk.  Pat Jarrett was selected as the successful candidate.  Members ratified the decision to appoint her with effect from 21st November 2016.  SC proposed a vote of thanks to Mr P Dilloway, this was agreed.

(1115) Minutes of the last meetings   The minutes of the meeting held on 19th September 2016 were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chairman.

(1116) Matters arising from the minutes.  It was agreed that the issue of undeclared footpaths be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

(1117) Meeting open to the public.  

Mr Atkinson queried progress on the replacement village sign, this appears later on the agenda.

PCSO Greenhill gave an update on crimes in the area.

Extensive discussion followed about the planning matters including  Peaseland Green.

It was agreed that Planning Matters should be moved up the agenda and discussed immediately.

(1118) i Planning Matters  Consultation : 3PL/2016/1161/F PROPOSAL:   Change of use of land for holiday accommodation comprising one horsebox, one toilet, one shower, parking and access at Land adjacent to Peaseland Green

Proposed by WH and seconded by OL, it was recommended that this Council supports the application with a recommendation that only 1 unit be approved with any additional changes to be notified to Elsing Parish Council for further discussion.  This proposal was rejected by 4 votes to 3.

ii. Consultation: Variation of conditions 2, 3, 4 & 13 on 3PL/2016/0557/F.  Elsing: Site Adjacent to Tu Bay Cottage, Mill Street.  As this application had only just been received, councillors were requested to send comment to Clerk who would forward decision to Breckland Council.


(1119 ) Big Plantation Public Footpath: 

a. FP4 - To discuss negotiations to move barbed wire

The barbed wire had been moved to the other side of the posts with the agreement of Mr Baker.  

b. FP4 – To consider response from Norfolk CC regarding resurfacing of path.

A highways engineer had inspected the site and work orders were being drawn up.  Concern was expressed that horses using the path could cause damage to new surfacing however, reflecting Mr Baker’s wishes, there was no barrier to stop horses using the path.  Checks would be carried out to see if any damage was caused by horse use and would be discussed again if relevant.  The Council was grateful to Mr Baker for allowing work to be carried out.

(1120) To set a provisional precept requirement for 2017/18.  Suggested figures had been circulated prior to meeting.  It was agreed to add £1000 towards replacing the village sign and £100 towards the Church car park maintenance.  Precept requirement would be finalised at the January meeting.

(1121)       To note current Internet download speeds across the village.  These were noted.

(1122) Correspondence – Correspondence regarding bank charges, Countryside Voice and Hags 2016 was noted.

(1123) Parish Orchard/Allotments –There were a number of vacant allotments, these to be advertised in Hill and Vale and on the Village Hall website.  The orchard was doing well with some cider apples still available.

(1124) Village Sign :To consider quotes for replacement of sign. H-Signs  Neil Horne (£1,800 Carved Ash or £1,500 GRP) S. C. Jessica Perry (£1,800), Luke Chapman (£1,850) C.H.

Proposed by WH, seconded by TA, it was agreed to proceed with a replacement wooden sign and to accept  the quote from H Signs (Neil Horne) for £1800.  Work to commence asap.

(1125)   Financial Matters

a Financial Report –Clerk’s record and bank statements circulated. Noted.

To note payments by bank transfer

b Community Car Scheme September 2016 – Mrs J. Kemp. (£35.75). 

c   Payment of Clerk’s salary £XX (P. Dilloway) 1st to 30th June (£XX) & expenses to date (£XX) – (to be paid by bank transfer).

d Payment of Clerk’s salary 1st to 31st July (£TBA) & expenses to date (£TBA) – (to be paid by bank transfer).

Payment of items b was agreed.

Items c –d to be paid by Bank Transfer once the Bank mandate has been changed

e Bank Mandate update - Add P. Jarrett delete P. Dilloway

 This was agreed, Clerk to complete forms.

(1126) Other Parish Matters and future agenda items.

Councillors had received requests for a dog bin to be sited at Mill Street, Clerk to obtain prices and report at next meeting.

The Clerk was asked to liaise with the Highway Ranger regarding repair of potholes particularly at Fustyweed.

The meeting closed at 9.20 pm.

Date and Time of Next Meeting: Monday 15th January 2017 at 7.30 pm

The Parish Council meets at 7.30pm at Elsing Village Hall on the third Monday of every alternate month, in January, March, May, July, September and November.
The Annual Parish Meeting is also held on the third Monday in March.
Parishioners are warmly invited to attend any Council meeting and particularly the Annual Parish Meeting at which any local matters may be discussed.


Ragwort has been a problem in and around the village for some time.  The Parish Council has a problem on its own land and is determined to eradicate Ragwort.  It is expected to take at least 2 years. Some has been pulled, some will be cut and burnt and the remainder will be sprayed.  If you have Ragwort on your land you must take action.  The Parish Council will be pleased to advise or help if it can. Please follow the link below for guidance from DEFRA. In particular Para’s 9-13 and the table on page 6.



<DEFRA Ragwort Guidance.pdf>


Elsing Parish Council has a policy to minimise the number of signs in the village, and parishioners are asked to be sensitive to this. Signs erected by non-residents may well be removed. 

For more information or if in doubt, please telephone the

Clerk to the Council: 01362 691243.