Caring for the Hall

The current Village Hall was built in 2000, following a massive fund raising effort. It was a millennium project. Prior to that the villagers used a building in Rectory Road, 'A wooden army hut which was surplus to requirements after the first world war.' It served the village for 80 years. The official title of the hall is the 'Elsing Memorial Hall' reflecting the fact that it is dedicated to the memory of those villagers who sadly perished in the 2 world wars.

The hall is a registered charity - 1074667. Its' constitution states the purpose of the Hall is,

'A Village Hall for the use of the inhabitants of the parish of Elsing in the county of Norfolk without distinction of political, religious or other opinions including use for meetings, lectures and classes and for other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants.'

The Hall is 'managed' on behalf of the villagers by voluntary committee of  'Trustees' who are elected at each AGM. They are responsible for ensuring that the Hall is used and maintained appropriately and for raising funds to facilitate this.

Current committee members are Kate skipper (Chair), Tracey Scrimshaw (Treasurer), Nathalie Horncastle(Secretary), Judi Graham (representing the WI),Jenn Monahan. Judi also looks after Hall Booking/Lettings.

The Hall can be hired for an hourly rate of £8.00 (Villagers £6.00), which is charged  to cover running costs and ongoing maintenance. It is used regularly by the WI and Parish Council for their regular meetings. Other users include A monthly Record Club , Water Colour Painting and 'Keep fit' classes.
Regular fund raising events are also a part of village life.